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Tuning and Services

I am trained in both electronic and the time honored method of aural tuning. I am currently employing the use of the Sanderson Accutuner III, or SAT III in my tunings. The SAT III is among the most respected and most technologically advanced electronic visual tuning aids in the industry. It is capable of calculating a custom tuning for your piano based on measurements taken from your piano. I use this device primarily for three reasons. First, the SAT III greatly increases the speed with which I can tune your piano accurately. Second, it greatly reduces the fatigue incurred during a full day’s work, which means that the last tuning I perform each day will be just as good as the first, because I won’t be tired and ready to go home. Third, I have found that using a visual tuning device has improved my technique and allows me to produce a more stable tuning.

However, I also employ my highly discriminating aural tuning skills while tuning with the SAT III. My aural tuning skills have been tested by members of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) test committee and received very high scores. If I determine that I do not agree with some aspect of the tuning the SAT III computes, I will correct it using aural methods to give you the best possible tuning for your piano.

I tune equal temperament, however, thanks to the capabilities of the SAT III, I can also offer tuning non-equal temperaments, also known as historical temperaments, to enhance your performance of music written during the time prior to the discovery of equal temperament. This is generally more applicable to historical instruments, such as harpsichords and fortepianos, but can also be applied to the modern piano.

I am well trained to understand the proper function of the piano action and how to make adjustments and corrections in order for you to be able to command your piano as well as it is designed to be able to respond. Sometimes this may involve reshaping of the hammers if they have become worn, which may require removal of your action to my shop. This process is rather lengthy, and may involve up to six hours or more for proper completion.

I can properly repair broken and worn parts and replace broken strings, either on the spot or in the shop. If I do not have the correct part(s) needed for the repair, a second appointment may be required to give time to acquire the proper part(s). Sometimes a certain repair may require an extensive length of time, or the ability to disassemble the action to the point where it is more efficient to bring the action in to the shop to complete the repair properly.

I am trained in various voicing techniques which will produce the proper tone your piano is designed to produce. However, voicing cannot be properly accomplished until the piano action is properly regulated and the piano is tuned. If I am asked to voice a piano, I will first evaluate the tuning and regulation, before proceeding with any voicing.

Concert Piano Preparation:
I specialize in preparing high quality grand pianos for concerts and recordings. In the course of my work at the USC School of Music, this is probably the most important aspect of my job. In addition to preparing pianos for faculty and student performances at USC on a daily basis, I have prepared pianos for nationally and internationally acclaimed touring and recording artists of all genres including classical, jazz, and pop.

Action Refurbishing and Rebuilding:
If it is determined that your piano’s action has become worn to the point of requiring refurbishing or rebuilding, you can rest assured in my ability to perform this work to your satisfaction.

Action Refurbishing may require actions such as reshaping worn hammers, repinning action centers which have become loose from wear, and possible replacing various felts and worn or broken parts. This involves removing the action from your piano and bringing it to my shop for a length of time necessary to complete the job properly.

Action Rebuilding involves stripping your action of all its old parts and replacing with brand new parts. This restores your piano’s action to like new condition. I typically recommend using parts made for your piano by its manufacturer. However, often the specific parts your piano requires may not be available from the manufacturer for various reasons. In that event, I will select high quality parts from other vendors designed specifically for your piano’s action. Again, this involves removing the action from your piano and bringing it in to the shop for a length of time necessary to complete the job properly.

Harpsichord and Fortepiano Servicing
I also have experience tuning, servicing and repairing harpsichords and fortepianos, and can offer these services as well.

Accessories Sales
I am a dealer and installer of Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control Systems, and also a dealer for Instrument Covers by Jill. I can also order upon request a number of piano accessories, such as benches, bench covers, piano lamps, and metronomes. I am also associated with a number of piano dealerships and am generally familiar with the quality of the current offerings of new and used pianos and can assist you in your selection process should you decide to purchase a new or used piano. There may or may not be a fee for this service.

I can also assist you in the event you locate a new or used piano you are interested in, by performing an evaluation of the piano’s condition and an estimate for repair for you for a nominal fee.

Complete Piano Rebuilding and Restoration
I do not currently offer this service. At the current time, I do not have a shop space sufficient for bringing in an entire piano to be restored to like new condition. With my time obligations to the university, neither do I have time to perform this work. There are a number of highly qualified technicians in this area who specialize in complete piano rebuilding, and offer refinishing and complete restringing and restoration of pianos to like new condition. I can refer you to these highly qualified technicians.

Piano Appraisals
I am not involved in the day-to-day activities of piano sales and so I would not be knowledgeable enough of the market to provide this service for you. What I can do is to evaluate the condition of your piano and give you an estimate for what it would cost to restore or refurbish your piano to like new or good condition. From this point, contacting a piano dealer would be your best avenue.

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