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The Pramberger family’s history of piano craftsmanship dates back to the late 1700s in the Black Forest of Germany. Then was an era in history where every aspect of creating a piano was an art of learned skill and personal craftsmanship. In today’s modern instruments, the same core values still hold true; though the design and manufacturing technology have evolved, the inherited knowledge, experience and skilled touch of a Master Craftsman’s hands are still paramount in the creation of a fine musical instrument.

Joseph Pramberger spent 29 years at Steinway & Sons in Astoria, NY. He traveled the world visiting and consulting key suppliers and major piano manufacturers in Europe, Japan and Korea while employed with Steinway.

In 1987, in the tradion of the Prambergers before him, formed his own company, Pramberger Piano Ltd., where he and father Anton, who spent 25 years with Steinway in Astoria, NY, worked together specializing in the restoration and rebuilding of world class pianos.


For More Information about Pramberger Pianos, visit their website www.prambergerpianoco.com


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