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When Jeff Tanner began his search for a piano product he could believe in enough to offer it for sale to his clients, his colleagues in the Piano Technicians Guild made him aware of the improvements that Samick had been making in its offering of piano products over the past 10 years. The introduction of the Wm. Knabe & Co and J P Pramberger lines of pianos has moved Samick into world prominence as a manufacturer of artist grade pianos that also represent a best value for the dollar. Priced below more well-known brands such as Yamaha, Kawai and Boston (or Essex) at each quality grade, Samick buyers can either own a similar quality instrument for less money, or a better quality instrument for the same amount of money (or in some cases, still less).

"At this point, when it comes to meeting the new piano needs of just about any customer, I have access to a practically limitless combination of possible solutions in just about every price point and quality grade. Samick's product line up is more than sufficient to meet the needs of any pianist at any level of proficiency at a price no competitor can touch. And after I get through with my dealer prep process I perform on every new piano, you'll believe you're playing a much more expensive instrument." - Jeff Tanner

If your heart is set on a name brand of piano that Tanner Piano doesn't normally keep in stock, Jeff is well connected with a network of dealers of other brand products and he can act as a broker in many situations to assist his clients in acquiring the piano of their dreams.

Showroom Hours: Because Jeff currently maintains a busy piano tuning schedule that covers two states, until further notice, sales of pianos will be handled on an appointment basis. Please call (912)366-7888 for more information about purchasing a piano from Tanner Piano.

Pricing: We do not post prices on the web site as prices and inventory are subject to change much faster than our ability to update the web site.


pianos offer an intoxicating blend of old world craftsmanship and 21st century technology to create an instrument unsurpassed in its price point. The Concert Series instruments are built around original Baltimore scales and incorporate features such as a German Renner action, AAA North American spruce soundboard, and maple rim that only the world's most highly regarded instruments such as Steinway and Bechstein possess, but fall into a price point that Yamaha and Kawai Conservatory series pianos can't touch. These pianos simply beg you to sit down and play and you won't want to get up. The Academy Series and Baltimore Series pianos offer an exceptional value that even inferior Chinese made instruments can't compete with.

pianos, like the Knabe line of instruments, offer a wide selection of instruments that fill every need. An excellent value for the dollar, Pramberger pianos are being selected by highly regarded collegiate music departments around the country, where names like Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha and Kawai once dominated. The Platinum Series is a stunning reproduction of Bechstein Conservatory instruments, and with features such as all maple rim, Pramberger/Renner action, and AAA North American spruce soundboard that the world's finest instruments employ, you'll believe you're playing an instrument that concert artists choose out of a lineup in Steinway Hall, Hamburg, or Berlin, but at a fraction of the price. It is no accident that the letters S, L, A and B are incorporated into the model numbers of Pramberger Platinum pianos. They directly correlate with sizes of Steinway models identified by those letters that Joseph Pramberger, who worked with Steinway for 29 years, intended to imitate. The Signature and Legacy Series are mid and entry level instruments which offer an excellent value for the budget-minded beginner or intermediate pianist, and compare very well against the newer low cost models built by other well-known manufacturers.



pianos, comparable to Knabe Baltimore Series and Pramberger Legacy Series, with such upgraded features as German Roslau piano wire and Surface Tension® soundboards for durability and tuning stability, offer a slightly different combination of sizes and cabinet styles for the entry level market that stand out above other makes that cost more.



The new line of Samick Digitals are quickly taking the industry by storm, offering more capability than other brands costing much more. Featuring an 88-key, graduated hammer action, 64-note polyphony, and a digital recording studio in even the most basic model, Samick Digitals are a best buy at every level. From sleek, compacts to grand style cabinets, there is a model of Samick Digital that can meet the needs of most every keyboardist!

Please call (912) 278-8911
in Georgia or South Carolina to schedule an appointment.